22 października 2010

Bedini motor

To mój pierwszy silnik Bediniego
w modyfikacji wentylatorka komputerowego
opracowany przez Imhotep.

Jak widać działa :)

źródło: "John Bedini website"

źródło: "Tom Bearden website"

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"There is No Religion Higher than Truth"

(Nie ma religii wyższej niż prawda)

Millions of people all over the world are being fooled by the non-existing electrons. Here is how the electrons came into existence. Thomson invented an imaginary baby and called it an electron. Rutherford adopted it and now the men with the long hair are nursing it. The electron has a brother and its name is proton, but it is heavy and lazy. It remains stationary in the middle, but the electron has to run around it. To the electrical engineers the positive electricity is everything, the negative electricity is nothing, but to the physicists the negative electricity is everything, and the positive electricity is nothing. Looking from a neutral standpoint they cancel each other, so we have no electricity, but we have something. If we do not know how to handle the thing that comes through a wire from a generator or a battery, we will get badly shocked. Read the booklet "Magnetic Current" then you will know what the thing is, and the way it runs through a wire.

źródło: "Ed Leedskalnin website"
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